Outdoor Scholar Grace Flynn embraces uniqueness of Outdoor Scholars Program

Outdoor Scholar Grace Flynn embraces uniqueness of Outdoor Scholars Program

Grace Flynn fell in love with the outdoors as a child when her father would take her on hunting trips. 

“My dad exposed me to outdoor activities at a very young age,” she said. “We were always outside hunting, fishing or learning archery.”

Now, the Mountain Brook native is part of the University of Montevallo’s Outdoors Scholars Program and a member of the archery team. In addition to annual hunting and fishing trips, Flynn takes part in local and state archery competitions. Each month, she competes against the top archers in the state.

Grace Flynn at target practice

Flynn credits the uniqueness of UM’s Outdoor Scholars Program for drawing her to the university. “I love hearing the speakers they bring in, and what they have to teach us about careers in the outdoors industry,” she said.

The Outdoor Scholars Program has prepared Flynn for life post-graduation by exposing her to all of the career opportunities the outdoor industry has to offer. She wants to work in the retail merchandising industry, focusing on women’s hunting apparel.

Hunting has always been a part of Flynn’s life, but she wishes there was more room for women in the industry. “The hunting industry in male-dominated, leaving few apparel options for women. I want to provide a variety of options for women’s hunting apparel in hopes of opening the industry to more women.”

Flynn plans to stay in Alabama after graduation, moving back to her hometown of Mountain Brook. A large part of her choice to stay in the state is the outdoors. “Alabama is one of the most beautiful states, especially in the South. There is such a large variety of terrain for hunting, fishing, archery, and so many other outdoor activities.”


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